Where To Begin?

I have been struggling for weeks over how to begin this blog. I wanted it to have some sort of cohesive theme that made it stand out and be unique. But after over-thinking things as I always do, I figured I would simply just write what is on my mind. Even if there is just one person out there who connects with what I have to say, that will be enough for me.

Since I titled this blog INFJ thoughts, that is what it will be! No shocker there. I am new to studying the Myers–Briggs typology, but the more research I do in to my type, the more amazed I am over how accurate the descriptions are! In the past year I had done a few free MBTI tests online that all came out as INFJ, and after reading up on this personality type I knew I was definitely one.

Recently I have been struggling with finding a good career fit for me so I did a professional career assessment including the Myers-Briggs as well as the Strong Interest Inventory. Not surprisingly, the results confirmed that I am INFJ.

I just love reading up on INFJ characteristics. All of my life I felt different than others, and it is so comforting to now know why (we’re the rarest personality type!) and to know that there are others out there like me! Now I have a title to ascribe to my weirdness! When I am feeling overwhelmed by something about life, or just life in general, I’ll start googling INFJ and read others’ stories. I am so grateful for the INFJ online community and for people sharing their experiences on blogs and other social media.

In addition to being INFJ, I am also a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). I feel like having both of these traits make life a little bit harder. I don’t breeze through life like others seem to do so easily. The more learning I do about these traits though, the more I seem to understand myself and how to cope with certain situations.

I have always been one to keep my thoughts and concerns to myself, for the most part. I just live inside of my head most of the time. Sometimes it gets to the point where I drive myself crazy with all these worrying thoughts racing through my mind. I’m going to try to express myself in writing more, in hopes that it helps me organize my thoughts. I find expressing myself through writing is much easier than verbalizing. If I tried to say all of the stuff I just wrote out loud in a conversation, well, it just wouldn’t come out so smoothly!

Well if you made it this far, thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment or message me if any of my thoughts meant anything to you. I’d love to get to know other INFJs, introverts, HSPs, or anyone who is interested in these topics!

More to come. I’m thinking I’ll write about my educational/career path next which is a big focus in my life right now as I am going through a major shift!


7 thoughts on “Where To Begin?

  1. Hello Zappy05, I thoroughly enjoyed your post, and even more so because I am also an INFJ! Like you I have always felt very different to others, and after reading the INFJ personality description I felt like someone was holding up a mirror, and I started to embrace my differences. And I also feel like I can articulate myself better with the written word – when I speak to people I sometimes say the silliest things, obviously due to nerves. I look forward to reading about your educational / career path 🙂


  2. I’ve also recently made a switch in career paths, and it was actually due to the insistence of a professor to take the Myers-Briggs and write an essay about myself in relation to my typology. Although I had taken it before, I had forgotten what I got as well as been apathetic towards it. After all, it’s just a personality quiz, right? Wrong! As I researched more and more on being an INFJ, I had never seen anything describe my attitudes and tendencies with such perfection. I kept asking myself how it was possible people could know me so well with four little letters. I was a business major, well technically I still am. But what struck me was the fact that INFJs are most likely to be dissatisfied in this career field. I pondered this and questioned why I had chosen this career path in the first place. Did I have a passion for business? Or was I taking the easy way out by not following my dreams and therefore saving myself the possibility of getting hurt since there was no way I could fail if I didn’t try? As I reflected on this time and time again, I finally decided to make a change. This semester I will change my major to psychology and become a child psychologist. In reality I think it would be selfish not to because I could impact so many lives in a positive manner if I were to do this. I really appreciated your blog post, as I also enjoy writing much more than speaking. Having social anxiety often leaves me incapable of saying a single word. But writing? You can’t get me to stop! It’s lovely to meet a fellow INFJ!

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    • Hey there! Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my blog. I’ll go check out what you’ve written too. 🙂 It’s so awesome you are now following your heart and choosing to study something that is important to you and that you are passionate about. I think child psychologist sounds like a great career fit for an INFJ. I’m sure you’ll love your new major much more! I personally can’t wait to get back to grad school and study something that I actually like, haha.


      • Following your heart is a tough decision when you’re afraid of getting hurt, but ultimately I think it could result a life in which you’re never truly content. I’m glad you’re studying something you enjoy too!

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  3. Hi! I stumbled across this post and it really resonated with me especially the line, “I just live inside my head most of the time”. I’m an INFJ going through the same process. I recently left a business career as it was burning me out. I’m yet to figure out what to do next and I wish I could settle on a new path. I’m keen to read more from you on the educational/career path stuff. Cheers


    • Hello! Thanks for checking out my blog. I’ll be sure to post some more updates about my career path. Best of luck to you in figuring out your path. It will come in time. 🙂


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