I can’t help but stare.

I have always been a starer.

I don’t mean to stare, it just happens. I am a very deep thinker, and quite often my mind is racing with various thoughts that come in an endless stream. I’ll be lost in thought for long intervals before I come back to the present, and then I realize I had been staring at someone.

I usually never know if the person was aware of my staring. If I happen to meet their gaze, then I become acutely aware of what I had been doing. I will proceed to awkwardly smile, inwardly reprimand myself, and declare to never stare again. If they do not appear to see me, then I wonder to myself if they had seen me staring, then looked away because I was making them uncomfortable. Or, had they never noticed my gaze in the first place?

I torment myself with all these what ifs, and I stress over what other people think of me. Do they think I’m a weirdo for staring? Or maybe luckily, no one ever notices me staring.

Does anyone else ever have a problem with staring? Any tips on how to combat it?


6 thoughts on “I can’t help but stare.

  1. I find it more of a “space-y” issue, as I find myself spacing out a lot. However, I do find myself people watching a lot too, as I find looking at people to be interesting, and I’m sure this is more what you’re talking about.
    When I realize others see me, I just look down… so not really the “best” way to combat uncomfortable eye contact after you’ve been staring. Oops.
    I am sorry everyone of the world, I’m just curious!

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    • I totally do both! I space out a lot, but I also people watch out of curiosity as well. I’m afraid I come across as weird if I look at people too much, but I can’t help it though!

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  2. It happens to me when I meet a totally new person or persons, and I can’t help but stare. I am observer damn it lol.

    When I am with an old so called friends I don’t feel guilty for staring.
    Lol I guess because I don’t care anymore about them.

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