You Want Me To Buy Something? Then Leave Me Alone.

Yesterday I was browsing shops at the mall and as I was walking along the pathway, I was pestered by a handful of store employees standing in store doorways trying to entice potential customers. I hated this. As an introvert, I really don’t like talking to people I don’t know. I especially don’t like being confronted in such an aggressive manner when I am trying to have a peaceful, solitary shopping experience.

As I ambled along the walkway, a sales associate at a cosmetics store shouted at me to try to catch my attention. When I ignored him after the first attempt, he tried again, louder. I continued to pretend I didn’t hear or see him, and went on my way. Can you talk about annoying? I really wanted to go up to him and say “if you want me to buy something, then leave me alone.” I am non-confrontational so I did no such thing, but boy did I want to! Maybe I will next time if I feel aggravated enough.

In fact, I am much more likely to make a purchase if I am not approached by sales associates. I am always keenly aware of their intentions: to make as many sales as possible. I know they are trained to pitch products as amazing and will turn on the charm to persuade people to buy stuff they don’t really need. As a very intuitive person, I can see straight through this and it doesn’t work on me. I can’t say I’ve ever been persuaded by any sales person to buy something. I prefer to quietly study products on my own to figure out what is best for me. If I have a question then I will ask for help, but other than that I prefer to be left alone in shops.

Usually when I go in to a store, I have an agenda of what I am going to get and I don’t stray from it. I rarely go in to stores where I don’t need to buy anything, and if I do, I just look around first. I prefer to be an informed shopper and I don’t make any purchases before reading multiple reviews online.

This level of preparedness reflects how I tackle most situations in life. Any other INFJs/introverts out there act the same way regarding shopping? Do you let sales people sway you or do you see right through them as well?